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Greenponics Irrigation Solution

Delivering H20 Effectively

Drip Pipes

Drip pipe are designed according to the crop. crop that are sparsely spaced have 1 drip line per bed, crops that are spaced between 30cms have 2 drip lines per bed and closely spaced crops like onion, garlic, strawberry, herbs have 3 drip lines per bed. Crop spacing determines the emitter spacing used on the drip line. Drip lines have a flow rate of 2 liters to 3 liters per hour, are 0.4mm thick, and 16mm in diameter. There are drips with single or double emitters on each drip irrigation equipment.

Button Drippers

Button irrigation is for biannual and perennial crops that are sparsely spaced. Orchards, forestry ie trees , parks, and hedges are watered using this system. There are adjustable and none adjustable button drippers.

Rain Gun Sprinklers

Rain gun sprinklers are high pressure, high volume water sprinklers for diverse crops. They are available as 1”, 1.5″, 2″, and 2.5″ brass and steel units with long lifetime. Before installing any rain gun sprinkler, we assist the user in determining his/ her water capacity and supplying the appropriate pump to power the sprinkler unit Sprinklers both long and short distance crop irrigation.