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Renowned Expertise

We provide deep expertise and practical evidence-based solutions to all our clients. Our experts are tailored to benefit individuals preferences and capabilities while engaging them in every level decision-making.

Impactful Work

We take a long-term view so we can deliver lasting changes to the smart agriculture space boosting food quality security.


We strive to connect with small and large scale farmers in the industry to share knowledge, resources and grow together. Therefore, we encourage partnership, volunteerism, and mentorship among the stakeholders along the value chain of our products.


Welcome to Greenponics Solution Ltd.

About Us

Greenponics Solution Ltd. is a Private Limited Company registered under Cap,499, section 14 under business act in Kenya. We carry out agriculture related business such as crop farming, livestock farming, trading of agriculture products and other agriculture related business.

The company started operation in 2017 and is registered under Kenya Business Companies Act. The company is located and operates in Kenya with offices and production units located at Buruburu - Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital Nairobi (KENYA).

Our Vision

To create the most compelling smart agriculture Centre driving the transition of food systems to smart and sustainable farming methods aimed at improving food security, create employment, universal production and mitigate climate change impact.

Service Dedication

We are dedicated to innovate in resilient and sustainable climate smart farming systems for safe and healthier food. We have offered our expertise in Ethiopia, Cameroon, Nigeria, Benin, Somalia, DRC, Congo Brazzaville, Uganda, Zambia. GREENPONICS Team continue to serve all clients beyond geographical barriers. Our systems have delivered improved crop yield under extreme space, water, labor and weather limitations.

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Vertical Grow Towers

This technique entails a growing tower that allows you to grow plants, vegetables and herbs in a small space Verticaly with maximum yield making use of the vertical space. The crops grown include strawberries, lettuces, coriander, celery, and mint, among others.

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Greenhouse Design & Installation

We offer three types of greenhouse that we construct with an option to use wood or metal for support. The greenhouses are installed with entry porch for sanitary control, drip irrigation system. We offer two green house structure models made to suit the crops of your choice:

  • Tunnel greenhouse
  • Ventilated greenhouse
  • Solar Dryer
Ideal crops for greenhouse farming are; tomatoes, colored & green capsicum, cucumbers, herbs and strawberries. While the Dryer is capable of drying all sorts different vegetables, fruits, and herbs!

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Irrigation Systems

We are the perfect solution to all your irrigation needs no matter the size. We offer Drip Pipes, Button Drippers, Rain Gun Sprinklers, and Double emmiters. Drip pipes have a flow rate of 2 liters to 3 liters per hour, are 0.4mm thick, and 16mm in diameter. There are drips with single or double emitters on each drip irrigation equipment. Button Dripper irrigation is for biannual and perennial crops that are sparsely spaced. There are adjustable and none adjustable button drippers.Rain Gun Sprinklers are high pressure, high volume water sprinklers for diverse crops. They are available as 1”, 1.5″, 2″, and 2.5″ brass and steel units with long lifetime. Before installing any rain gun sprinkler, we assist the user in determining his/ her water capacity and supplying the appropriate pump to power the sprinkler unit Sprinklers both long and short distance crop irrigation.

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Hydroponic Systems

Hydroponics is the art of farming without soil; their roots often hang in water with a rich mix of nutrients. The principal advantage of hydroponics is the savings from reduced labor costs since it's generally carried on in enclosed areas, and the irrigation and fertilizing are done mechanically. Hydroponics is a subset of hydroculture which is the growing of plants in soilless medium, plants are grown in volcanic rock (pumice) gravel, sand, cocopeat or liquid and supplied with nutrients.
The most popular techniques include:
Media-based techniques, i.e., trough system, Coco coir bag, etc, Deep Water Culture System (raft), Vertical Grow Towers System, Nutrient Film Technique, Vertical Wall Garden, A-Structure & Hydroponics Fodder.

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Hydroponic Fodder

Fodder Production The fodder is grown from various seeds such as maize, wheat, sorghum, barley, oats and millet. It matures in seven days (7days) and can be fed to cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, rabbits and chicken.
Hydroponics fodder is a protein feed. It is used to cut the high cost of commercial feeds. It is fed to the livestock animals at various stages i.e. to cows at day 7, to chicken at day 3 providing animals with maximum nutritional benefits. The fodder is grown in a hydroponics fodder shed constructed out of timber or steel, covered in iron sheets or grass roof and shade net on the walls to provide ideal conditions for growth and maturity. The fodder is planted in aluminum trays, plastic or thick polythene while observing high level of cleanliness to avoid mold or any other form of contamination that may lead to aflatoxin.

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Azolla Farming

Azolla is a small, free-floating water fern that's been around for over 100 million years! It thrives in freshwater environments, often covering ponds, lakes, and slow-moving rivers with its vibrant green carpet. Environmental Benefits include: Carbon Sink, Nitrogen Fixation, & a Habitat for Wildlife. It also has agricultural applications such as: natural fertilization, animal feed,and has biofuel potential. Why Azolla Matters: Azolla exemplifies the power of nature to provide sustainable solutions to global challenges. As we strive for a more eco-conscious world, Azolla's versatility and environmental benefits make it a remarkable ally in our journey towards a greener future.

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Black Soldier Fly

Black Soldier Fly farming is presently the most widespread form of insect farming in the world. The Black Soldier Fly is ideally suited for food production due to its rapid production cycle and high concentration of protein.

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The technique is a loop between two systems, Hydroponics and Aquaculture. Fish produces food for the plants while the plants reciprocate by purifying water for the fish exhibiting symbiotic relationship. The resultant food is 100% organic. The best thing about this systems is that it can yeild many types of produce within the same system, including an assortment of fish types.

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Aeroponic farming works by delivering nutrients to plants not via soil but via a nutrient-rich mist, distributed to the roots via a pre-programmed mister. Instead of using a growing medium, as you would within a hydroponic setup, roots grown in aeroponic systems are left floating in midair.

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Seeds, Seedlings, & Propagation

Greenponics has a large variety of seeds available for order. We propogate most fruits, herbs, vegetables, and trees on demand. Our customers are also provided with access to propogation services incase of any needed assistance in germination and seedling production.

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Agronomy Consultation & Training

We offer premium Agronomomy consultation for all your Farming needs. Our expert team is available to help insure your produce and farm experience is optimal and sutainable. We do farm visits, teach lessons on sustainable farming technology, and offer demonstrations for begginers and potential clients.

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Urban Vertical Garden

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Agri-Input Supply

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Mwangi Njeru


"Whether you’re just starting out with agriculture or have been doing it for years, it never hurts to remember where you started. The real progress and improvements I have noticed since working with Greenponics is unforgetable. My farm is living proof to show you just how far they’ve come. Thanks for your great services Greenponics!"

Lisa Njagi


"I love the personal attention and guidance that Greenponics continues to provide. They offer nothing but quality farming products and know how to solve any farmers needs. I am yet to find such quality competitive rates among other similar businesses."

Mike Olumwa

Large Scale Farmer

"When it comes to commercial farming, quality is just as important as quantity. Greenponics Solutions were able to supply and set up my farm with premium goods that have lasted me for years. It is the only company I trust for all my agribusiness needs."

Faith Muya

Hotel Manager

"The team is easy to work with and consists of a caring staff. We give them the brief of what we want to achieve and they just get on with it, and provide excellent quality. Working with Greenponics Solution Ltd. frees up our time to focus on other things – a valuable resource for us."

Kevin Kipchungi

Hotel Manager

"What I love most about Greenponics is that I feel like I’m working with someone that I have known for years. I trusted them to get the job done and the results are beyond satisfactory. I urge you all to choose greenponics for quality agri-services."

Monica Waithera

Agribusiness Consultant

"It has been amazing doing business with Greenponics. It is the business that I refer my customers to for sourcing farm inputs and equipment. since many of my clients started using Greenponics Solutioin's products, I have seen improvement in my clients yields and crop quality."