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Your Aeroponics Solution

Its All In The Mist!

What is Aeroponics?

Aeroponic farming works by delivering nutrients to plants not via soil but via a nutrient-rich mist, distributed to the roots via a pre-programmed mister. Instead of using a growing medium, as you would within a hydroponic setup, roots grown in aeroponic systems are left floating in midair.

Advantages & Crops

According to NASA, plants grow up to 3x faster in aeroponic growing systems compared to in soil. Nothing is wasted with aeroponics. Only a small amount of nutrient-laden water is sprayed at a time, and all the excess is collected for using again. Overall, an aeroponic system uses 2% of the water that a soil garden would. This is why it is a serious interest for NASA as they look for ways to grow plants away from Earth. By leaving the roots exposed to the air, you eliminate a lot of potential health problems that typically are a concern with traditional gardening. Water-logged roots are no longer an issue, and neither are any molds or mildews that can develop in or on the soil. Microgreens, Fruiting crops, Tree whips, & Rooting crops work well in such a system.